1. Forward
  2. Introduction
  3. Mission statement
  4. Power rotation
  5. Political/electoral reform
  6. Traditional/Royal
  7. Land/Natural Resources
  8. Fourth Tiers of Government
  9. Seniority/Retirement
  10. Religious institutions
  11. Government/Policy
  12. Defence/NYSC
  13. Security/Police
  14. Judiciary
  15. Economy/Banking
  16. Communication
  17. Land/Water resources
  18. Human rights
  19. Rural policy
  20. Civil service
  21. Tourism
  22. Creative industry
  23. Infrastructure
  24. Social security
  25. Corruption
  26. Privatization
  27. Power sector
  28. Fire service
  29. Direct labour
  30. Medical/Health
  31. Education
  32. Transportation
  33. Housing
  34. Roads/Works
  35. Employment
  36. Agriculture
  37. Environment
  38. Energy/Industry
  39. Youth and sport
  40. Women/youths in politics
  41. Population
  42. Foreign Policy
  43. Sponsorship
  44. Grants/Aids
  45. African Union/Inter ass.
  46. Partnership
  47. Trade/commerce
  48. Import/export
  49. Sovereignty/Citizenship
  50. Exchange program
    The Fourth Republic was formed as a result of the failure caused due to the shortcomings of the constitution
    that was inherited from the General Sanni Abacha led regime , whose intention was merely to transform from
    military uniform to civilian ‘Agbada’ without any policy or structural changes to the newly formed democracy.
    So, the constitution for that transformation was hinged on personal interest of his remaining in office by
    manipulation, bribery and intimidation. The party which formed the government in 1999 (PDP) did so without
    vision and a practical plan, as their intention was to foster retired military officers and politicians throughout
    our democratic existence. The constitution is neither people-oriented nor is it designed to meet the day-today running of a complex and rapidly evolving society like Nigeria in terms of ethnicity, cultural, religious, and
    political background.
    The implication, therefore, of inheriting such a constitutional document by subsequent governments which
    clearly does not have the genuine interest of the country is solely responsible for the political and economic
    quandary currently bedevilling Nigeria; the government has continued to thrive on corruption, impunity,
    injustice, nepotism, suppression of free speech, and the systematic exploitation of ethnicity and religious
    sentiments and thus, reverting to the initial plans of the colonial masters whose aim was to divide and rule
    Nigeria right from independence and all through our successive governments.
    Since the historic and emergence of the All Progressive Congress (APC), a party that deceived many Nigerians
    and won through its change mantra and war on corruption, the country has witnessed an unprecedented
    downturn and a free fall, the likes even worse than the inhumane conditions that resulted in the civil war.
    And this can only be remedied and resolved by the holistic reformation agenda of our movement, All Referendum People-Movement (ARP-M).
    It is based on this premise that we invite the general public to our proposed transformation agenda for our
    dearly beloved nation, Nigeria; and Africa at large to join us in liberating our people from the grip of a root
    deep colonial mentality and backward reasoning. In today’s Nigeria, political manifestos are mere booklets
    filled with overzealous and impractical policies which embellish their capabilities and project them as
    visionaries all with a goal of getting votes to get into power. They do not have good intentions and technical
    capacity required to transform the country and its citizens. What we are witnessing is a systematic decay of
    our institutions caused by years of abuse and underfunding by the ruling class. Counterproductive policies
    have only benefited the upper class and further impoverished those at the bottom end of our society and that
    has contributed to the recent state of anarchy and unrest with the youths demanding for good governance.
    On that note, we believe that Nigerians need to immediately break free from the shackles of past
    systems by opting for our reformation agenda to restructure and rebuild the country and create the people’s
    constitution which will address our problems with home grown solutions. Thus, we are on a mission to rescue
    our people from the present hardship, oppression and neo-colonialism.
    All Referendum People-Movement (ARP-M) manifesto is a completely different and honest proposal, and is a far cry
    from what the other movement have put forward in that it proposes reforms geared toward the dream of A NEW
    NIGERIA as desired and envisioned by all, irrespective of ethnicity, religious background and political
    Power Rotation, Traditional/Royal Institutions, Land and Natural Resources, Religion, Four Tiers of
    Government and Seniority/Retirement.
    All Referendum People-Movement(ARP-M) is formed from the NEW NIGERIA REFORMATION UNITY FORUM
    (NRUF), a people’s movement which believes in uniting Nigeria through initiating political solutions in the six
    geopolitical regions/zones, and creating arrangements to solve the country’s national problems through
    POWER ROTATION AND THE REFORMATION of the present political systems using local contents.
    After independence, the Nigerian civil society has been ravaged by incessant military rules. This took a turn
    on Nigerian politics as the implication of these military regimes contributed to tyrannical leadership and one
    of the causes of failed leadership in the country. Therefore, without proper reforms which will commit to a
    more equitable distribution and control of socio-economic resources, through the implementation of sound
    policies and a robust plan for rapid reformation of the present political system, Nigeria will forever remain in
    the woods.
    Our movement believes that the Nigerian constitution is not designed to bring about economic growth, political
    development, social integration, and sincere democratic practices. Therefore, our primary aim as a movement is
    not only to fix but reform and position Nigeria as a beacon of true democracy and largest economy in Africa,
    through articulate policies and a developmental framework that will foster sustainable growth and
    development. It is crystal clear that Nigeria’s prolonged economic nosedive is largely due to and presently
    sustained by lack of rigorous and biased amendment of the present constitution. This is a problem the ARP-M
    hope to address.
    In light of this, it is therefore our resolution and responsibility to enthrone a viable social democratic
    reformation process through mobilization and creation of awareness and in encouraging active participation
    of the citizenry in the political process of our country. To this end, we call on all patriotic citizens of Nigeria to
    join our movement ARP-M to reform and rebuild the foundation of the Nigerian civil society which has been broken
    and left in ruins over the years. Please join us in our walk towards a new Nigeria propelled by our manifesto.
    Nigeria is faced with lack of good and purposeful leadership, as is the case in many African countries, thus, our
    mission is to reform Nigeria so as to play a pivotal role in liberating the African continent from political and
    economic enslavement as well as the systematic decay through the following objectives and principles:
  55. *Reformation
  56. *Democratic tendencies
  57. *Good governance
  58. *Freedom and human rights
  59. *Human Dignity to labour
  60. *Justice and equity
  61. *Sustainable development
  62. *Security and defence
  63. *Integrity and accountability
  64. *Transparency

    All Referendum People- Movement (ARP-M), as a movement, is fully committed to the total overhaul of
    Nigeria’s political systems and restructuring of the existing commands of the country. Our manifesto flows
    from thorough review of the past Nigerian governments’ failures, in our desire for unity, equity, justice,
    national integration, socio-economic independence of all regions to bring about political stability. This is
    indeed an uphill task, however, it is achievable through unity and collective effort of all patriotic Nigerians
    both home and abroad.
    The major reference point or highlight of the African Reformation Party (ARP) reforms agenda is the POWER
    ROTATION between NORTH/SOUTH and the six geopolitical zones/regions of the country with one single term
    of five years at the center.
    Our party intends to sponsor bills to implement our proposed constitutional and electoral review at the
    National Assembly to drive home our reforms through an act of a referendum by the people.
    ARP reforms will focus on driving local content in governance through the introduction of a regional system
    of government, adopting the present six geopolitical zones and granting them autonomy.
    There will be a review of the jurisdiction and the role of the central government, which has to be in consonance
    with our local content and aspirations for all regions. Our party is proposing a parliamentary system of
    government at the regional and national levels, while adopting a presidential system at the state and local
    government levels. There will be POWER ROTATION among the regions for the office of the PRESIDENT AND
    FIVE YEARS IN OFFICE. With this arrangement, all the regions are expected to produce a president within 30
    years of the proposed implementation. The above arrangements will alone solve most of the country
    problems like security, secession, electoral fraud, inequality, instability, resource control, adaptation and
    tribal/religious sentiments leading to divisive political systems.
    Our party, once elected into office, will reform the political party system in Nigeria into a government
    sponsored two political party structure with a provision for independent candidature. Private individuals will
    not be allowed to register a political party so as to eliminate ‘god-fatherism’ in our political environment.
    Independent candidates are expected to have held a political office through a political party before they will
    be cleared to contest.
    African Reformation Party reforms on the TRADITIONAL AND ROYAL INSTITUTIONS will border on developing
    and deploying all the necessary legislation to give traditional rulers a legislative regional role in our
    constitution. The regional ROYAL PALACE will serve as a rotational stool for all spiritual and traditional leaders
    and institutions in each state as the custodian of the people of that region, and they shall be deputised by the
    regional Vice Presidents of each region as stipulated by the constitution. There will a constitutional provision
    for the regional monarchs to have regional AUTHORITY AND A PALACE which will serve as their OFFICIAL STATE
    OFFICE in each region, with a secretariat for the ROYAL INSTITUTIONS in every region.
    All our traditional rulers and institutions will be given a constitutional role of being in charge of the
    AGRICULTURAL COMMISSION, and will be solely responsible for overseeing the agriculture and food
    production at all levels in the regions throughout the country.
    In our quest to ensure the oneness and indivisibility status of our country is maintained, the African
    Reformation Party will repeal the land act and entrust the right of land ownership to the federal government
    which will therefore be administered by the traditional institutions on behalf of the federal government.
    Certificate of occupancy on land administration shall be vested on the royal and traditional Institutions on
    behalf of the federal government in every region and in each state.
    Under the reforms which will be carried by our party, the control of natural resources shall be vested on the
    states as stipulated the constitution, to promote internal development of every and bring about healthy
    competition to fast track economic growth and industrialisation our country . The states will have control of
    their natural resources and administer them for the development of their states.
    As a people-oriented political party committed to reforming every sector in the country, ARP is irrevocably
    committed to grass root development by legislating a fourth tier of government which will be known as the
    Community Development Association (CDA). This tier of government will be responsible for community
    development through annual budgetary allocations and shall be supervised by the regional governments.
    The Local Government Area (LGA), will be granted autonomy from the states while the Community
    Development Association (CDA) which stands as the fourth tier of government under the constitution, shall
    be administered under the law by the traditional institutions through their traditional leaders in the
    community. This system will drive an inclusive government where community leaders and various associations
    will be stakeholders in addressing community needs as well as promote development and ensure the security
    of their people.
    The intention of our party for creating a fourth organ of the government is to initiate and legitimize the
    elections of senior members and retirees in the society into our local councils in order to create an all inclusive
    governance with experience and accountability at the grass root level. This addition will enable community
    leaders take active roles in governance.
    Religious institutions are some of the major institutions in need of reforms not just in Nigeria but Africa as a
    whole due to the crucial role they play in the moral formation of the citizenry. All our religious institutions
    shall be engaged at the fourth tier of government and shall be regulated to collaborate with the government
    at the grassroots level in ensuring development, progress and accountability in our nation.
    Government’s policy is an integral part of governance. This will be a medium for our government to establish
    a free and just society, by which the powers and actions of the government at all levels are lawful and in line
    with the constitution while also holding them accountable for their policies and use of funds meant to improve
    the wellbeing of the people. The challenge we anticipate in achieving our objective is whether as a nation we
    have the will and courage to unite toward implementing a large scale radical reform that will move our nation
    forward and not to the failed policies and practices of the current and previous administrations.
    Nigeria’s borders are porous and opened to all sorts of illegal activities through illegal routes. As a result, we
    are witnessing unprecedented levels of insecurity. In the last decade, we have seen a surge in the killings of
    innocent Nigerians in the North East (which is unacceptable). Under our proposed reforms, Nigeria’s defence
    will be strengthened to defend our nation against external aggression. The Nigerian armed forces are to be
    responsible for national security against external aggression (as they rightly should be). We will invest heavily
    in defence and forge strong alliance with our allies to share intelligence and military hardware, to ensure
    lasting peace in every part of the country.
    The ARP reform on NYSC will incorporate graduates for a mandatory two years service in the armed forces.
    These graduates will be trained to defend our territory. To achieve this, there will be a review of the NYSC Act,
    curriculum, their monthly stipend and living conditions.
    Our security agencies have been stretched for too long on many fronts. As part of our party reforms, the
    African Reformation Party (ARP) agrees that Nigeria will be better secured if the police is decentralized.
    Therefore, our party will legislate for a REGIONAL POLICE, where every region will be in charge of their security
    apparatus using local elements. The arms of the regional policing will be under the jurisdiction of the regional
    Vice President of each region as will be provided by our revised constitutional amendment.
    All other paramilitary personnel will be overseen by the regions. The following security apparatus will be under
    our regions:
    (1) Regional police
    (2) Civil Defence Corps
    (3) Road Safety Corps
    (4) Peace Corps
    (5) Private Registered Armed Corps.
    The judicial system needs total reformation and overhauling to be able to interpret and defend our
    democracy. As the third arm of government, it will be proactive if administered by our traditional institutions
    arm of government at the regional levels. Our party is proposing a new order in governance to the proposed
    constitutional review amendment to checkmate the government excesses caused by tenure and constant
    foreign infiltration of our democratic structure. The two arms of our regional governments which are
    traditional and democratic institutions will be tasked with monitoring the activities and dealings of the
    judiciary to bring about efficiency and speedy dispensation of justice in a manner that is fair, transparent, and
    without interference.
    Our reforms of the judiciary will ensure that every region is governed and ruled by their traditional beliefs and
    the local content will be incorporated into our judiciary system. We will also push for the financial autonomy
    of the judiciary to ensure the integrity of the judicial process is not undermined by politicians and corrupt
    As part of our efforts to ensure our court proceedings do not take forever to reach a judgement, we will
    implement a robust digital framework to automate certain legal procedures while training our judges and
    justices at all levels to be tech savvy and update with international best practices.
    We will also appoint competent judges and justices to all the courts in the land based on merit and
    recommendations of the National Judicial Council and ensure that every state is adequately represented to
    create a balance and foster national integration.
    BANKING: our party reforms will seek to decentralize the banking sector to the regions where we operate
    TREASURY at both the regional and national level. We intend to reposition our financial institutions to respond
    to the local and diverse banking needs of our people by providing REGIONAL BANKING systems where every
    region can control and regulate the activities of the banks in their region in order to ensure the banks offer
    services based on the peculiarity of the region and aspirations of the people, thereby encouraging healthy
    competition among our regions. With this in place, the federal government can borrow from buoyant regions
    instead of relying heavily on China, the World Bank or any international lender.
    Reforming our banking and financial institutions to operate at regional levels will reduce money laundering
    and stop capital flight which is rampant in the country. The central bank will only serve as a treasury exchange
    facilitator to our six geopolitical or regional banks.
    Because we strongly believe in the unity of Nigeria as a country, our party will seek to allow the federal
    government control and regulate communications and media sector, with censoring applied when necessary,
    for the good and safety of our nation. Television, radio, print, social media and the likes will be placed within
    the jurisdiction of the federal government in our party’s reforms agenda.
    We will make adequate investment in upgrading our National Broadcasting Station by deploying the necessary
    technological equipment and expertise to enhance efficiency and professionalism. We will also ensure we add
    more national broadcasting stations to the Nigerian communication space through a Public-PrivatePartnership (PPP) arrangement with a strong emphasis on local content, a wider scope of reporting and
    investigative journalism not just in Nigeria but all over the world.
    The ARP recognises that the world is rapidly becoming a global community driven by knowledge and internet
    and with the youths making up almost 70% of the population, we plan to harness and channel their creativity
    and ingenuity by increasing internet accessibility as well as making data free as seen in some parts of world.
    The adjudication and dispensation of Nigerian land is confined on the federal government of Nigeria as
    stipulated by the constitution and will be administered by the traditional institutions in the regions on behalf
    of the federal government. Nigeria’s land mass belongs to the federal government and all approval on land
    shall be obtained from the federal government.
    As a party, we believe that the control of mineral resources should belong to the states of the federation and
    every state should be responsible for exploring and refining the mineral resources in their states so as to
    generate internal revenue which will be used to develop their state. Resource control of our local content
    reforms will only prescribe a certain percentage of the revenue generated to the other organs of government
    in the state and to the federal government. Consequently, every region will be given the constitutional
    mandate to promulgate laws that will govern their natural resources.
    The right of every Nigerian citizen is enshrined in the constitution and will be guaranteed by the federal
    government of Nigeria irrespective of the region or location. We will forge a strong partnership with Nongovernmental organisations and civil society to ensure awareness campaigns on rights of people are carried
    out in schools, markets, parks, religious organisations while also using both the traditional and non-traditional
    methods to educate Nigerians.
    We will also improve the capacity of Ombudsmen (offices of the public defender) as well as that of the National
    Human Right Commission. We will enact laws that will profoundly deal with perpetrators of human rights
    abuse, to serve as deterrence to possible offenders. The rights of every Nigerian citizen is fundamental to our
    democracy and is the constitutional duty of the government at all levels to ensure that it is upheld.
    All the above sectors will come under regional reforms. The provision for rural development, civil service and
    tourism will be under the purview of the regional government. Private partnership initiatives at the federal
    level will be carried out to reposition the boost the morale of the civil service administration in the nation. The
    federal government will work out a Private Service Initiative (PSI) in agreement with the regional governments
    to enable them carry out oversight functions at the regional level as stated by the constitutional provisions
    for the three commissions tasked with the responsibility. All the provisions and policy implementation will
    give a broader scope to governance and create huge employment in all regions, bridge the infrastructure gap
    lacking in the rural communities as well as providing basic social amenities.
    This is an initiative of the ARP to involve professionals in government to come up with a comprehensive
    blueprint in partnership with the private institutions with a view to creating a strong structure and funds
    needed to produce quality content that will showcase our creativity and create employment for the people.
    The Creative Commission (CI) as proposed by our party will be controlled by the federal government to
    regulate the entertainment industry, curb piracy and copyrights theft as well as initiate projects that will create
    job opportunities. Based on statistics from the World Bank, the Creative Industry his the highest employer of
    labour in the informal sector and is a huge contributor to a nation’s GDP. With the right policies, it will become
    a source of national wealth and a path to a diversified economy.
    The word infrastructure cuts across all government provisions, which is the cardinal investiture of governance
    in any democracy. Therefore, our government will re-enact infrastructural reforms in all sectors of the
    economy to facilitate economic growth and development in the nation.
    The backbone of sustained development in every society is the investment the government makes in the social
    security of it citizens. Consequently, the African Reformation Party (ARP) acknowledges the vital need to
    introduce social implementation programs to the country, anchored by the national government. This
    program will give birth to a robust data gathering scheme which will be done to capture the living, dead and
    newly born throughout the country. It will be an encompassing package aimed at improving welfare of the
    citizens. Our proposed reforms on social security will strengthen the bonds of unity and reduce agitations and
    unnecessary tension in the land.
    The ARP prescribes capital punishment for corruption involving embezzling of public funds with reforms to be
    carried out throughout the country. A corrupt official who act as a conduit to foreign nation’s development at
    our expense will cause great damage to our country and therefore attract capital punishment, which indeed
    will be non-negotiable.
    Most of our proposed government program reforms will be hinged on private partnerships. All previous
    government sales will be reversed to public-private partnerships, and there will be more focus on
    indigenization policies on infrastructure. We will set up a responsive government that will focus on delivering
    the dividends of democracy to the people at the lowest rung of the economic ladder. Nigeria as a country is
    not bigger in terms of land mass than Texas in the United States, so our government will not allow external
    actors or foreign multinationals run our national companies in a manner that exploit Nigerians and profit their
    The AFRICAN REFORMATION PARTY reforms on power will be to quickly unbundle the present arrangement
    made in the distribution and transmission channels, then overhaul the power sector and implement a private
    partnerships initiative which will be transparent and realistic. In our new arrangement, the government will
    regulate the activities of the actors in the power sector to ensure efficiency and more importantly attaining
    constant power to serve both the industrial and domestic needs of the populace. This private partnership
    initiative will enhance competition and accountability and also create massive employment.
    Our party which shall be known for reformation, will explore every avenue to empower Nigerians through our
    reformation agenda. Parts of the fire service infrastructure will be privatized to bring more hands on board to
    deliver quick and effective response to fire outbreaks. The incessant outbreak of fire incidents is a challenge
    the current government is grappling with. We plan to invest in acquiring modern equipment to combat any
    fire outbreak in any part of the country as well as train staff to be swift, competent and professional in
    discharging their duties.
    Our party once in government shall give pride of place to direct labour and will create industries to create
    over 10 million jobs for the youths in over the country. Virtually every area of infrastructural development
    needs direct services and labour and if properly annexed will solve the issue of unemployment. Direct labour
    initiative is the best model to engage the teaming energy of those without any prior educational qualifications,
    thus, it will address the issue of unemployment and gradually eliminate poverty.
    The Nigerian health sector is in comatose under the present administration due to utter neglect and
    insensitivity to the plight of the citizens. Our party in government shall employ private partnership initiative
    to provide quality health care for all our citizens. ARP will provide free medical services to the aged above 60
    years, children below 10 years and physically challenged.
    There will be National Health Insurance Scheme for government workers across all levels of the government.
    There will be provisions for well equipped primary health centres at community and local government levels
    while also promoting initiatives in traditional and local health practices which will be integrated into orthodox
    medicinal practice in Nigeria.
    The development of any nation is dependent on the knowledge and creativity of its citizens. Therefore to
    foster healthy competition, the educational sector will be vested on regional government where every region
    will develop curriculum suited to their culture and traditions. The present unitary system of education passed
    down by the colonial masters is the bane of Nigeria’s educational sector. The budgetary allocations in
    education shall not be less than 20% and our government when elected, will introduce school feeding program
    and transportation system for government run secondary schools throughout the country.
    Our party in government will reform tertiary institutions, making provision for a federal university to be
    located in every region and also build new universities in the Southern and Northern parts of the country.
    Other tertiary institutions will be reformed to provide technical training to the populace.
    An efficient transport system is vital for the rapid development of a country. To this end, the African
    Reformation Party reforms will address the lapses in our transportation sector to facilitate development. We
    shall focused on building railways, roads, and water channels to meet the transportation needs of Nigerians.
    The transportation sector will be vested on the regional governments and as such will be responsible for
    oversight functions of the developmental projects initiated in their region, this move will foster competition
    among the regions as every region seeks to exceed the other in terms of transportation infrastructure.
    Air transportation will be in the purview of the federal government with partnership initiatives with any
    regions which may require to build airports.
    This is another key element in any national development, and since land administration belongs to the
    national government, our party will enact law reforms on housing to regulate private property development
    by individuals and enact the mortgage initiative through financial sectors for housing and property
    developments. Land approval shall be sought through traditional government on behalf of the federal
    government. There will be an overhaul in property provisions to meet the population demands and
    requirements of every region.
    On the aspect of roads and works, we will proscribe foreign contractors in building our roads. Road contracts
    will be given to local firms roads while adopting private partnership initiatives where necessary to tackle
    Chinese incursion on our roads. Our reforms will be based on division and direct labour to engage local artisans
    in earning a living while also offering them the opportunity of learning the rudiments of road building.
    Provision of gainful employment is a sole responsibility of any government and therefore, the ARP government
    will revolutionize industrial agriculture in every part of the country thereby providing employment and food
    security. Regional governments will be supported in creating job programs and grants will be given to enable
    them executive their projects in order to create wealth in their regions. Wages of the citizens will be regulated
    an earned on an hourly and weekly basis with the minimum wage reviewed to reflect the current economic
    realities. There will be uniform salary structure for the political class through our employment reforms.
    Our party will revolutionize agriculture as a vital tool to achieve economic development and job creation.
    Every state within the region will specialize in diverse agricultural production based on what they are known
    for, and there shall be a national commission which will be tasked with supporting farmers by buying off their
    produce and repackaging them for process sales and export. Agriculture will be vested in the traditional rulers
    as they shall appoint official for oversight functions. Every agricultural institution at the regional level will
    report to the traditional office section for agriculture affairs.
    The environment is our natural habitat and must be protected at all cost and for the generation unborn. In
    ensure the safety of our habitat, our party will ensure that the environmental law is sacrosanct and derived
    from the federal government, having a uniform order of regulation. Our party will set up a national
    commission on environment and engage the youths’ participation in creating polices to address the challenges
    affecting our environment. The safety of our environment shall be of utmost priority to the federal
    government. Desertification of the northern region is a huge concern to our party and therefore we will
    immediately initiate private partnership on tree planting and deforestation of the region. Our party once
    government will run water pipeline from south to the north in order to boost industrial agriculture and also
    protect our environment. Laying a water pipe line to the chad basin will be our focus to greatly reduce
    insecurity associated with drought which can lead to famine if not controlled.
    As part of the global efforts to combat environmental pollution, we shall abide by internationally agreed
    conventions to reduce carbon pollution and embrace renewable energy in driving the energy needs of the
    country. We will also come up with a robust framework in partnership with the private sector to address the
    issue of waste dumping and open defecation, while also ensuring we partner with regional governments to
    dredge canals and gutters to avoid floods. Laws shall be enacted at both regional and federal levels to
    prosecute those found abusing our environment and causing any form of pollution which can negatively
    impact our environment, be it noise, land, air, water etc., no one will be spared if found wanting.
    Upon assuming office, we shall set up a committee which shall be responsible for cleaning up the Niger Delta
    as well as tackle the issues of pipeline vandalism, and the damages caused by oil spillages.
    The recent energy privatization will be reviewed to meet the energy needs of our people, thus, we will come
    up with private partnership initiatives in provision of energy in the country. In line with the global trend, the
    ARP once in government will exploit clean energy and nuclear energy to meet our energy demands as well as
    reduce the pollution associated with the crude oil process. Our industrial development will be boosted by
    provision of competitive energy to run the nation.
    In any nation, this is a field that requires massive development. Our party reforms on youth agenda will
    integrate sports and cultural activities into a system of national mobilization through out our schools and
    colleges. As a basic element of the general objectives, the mental, physical and moral development of our
    youths will be given priority and attention. Our party will establish a youth commission where national
    implementation on youths’ programs would be prioritised.
    The ARP reforms will be gender sensitive with an allocation of 50% political appointment given to women
    and youths. We will sponsor a bill to empower women and youths in politics called ‘NOT TOO POOR TO RULE’
    where government financial assistance can be sought to run for an office. Our party will allocate 30% elective
    position to women with free nominations at all levels. The youths shall be encouraged to run for office in our
    party. ARP will emphasize the importance of youths’ involvement in politics with quota allocation to each
    chapter of our party.
    Nigeria’s population is fast growing and the government has to institute proper measures to check rapidly
    growing population which has not been given attention. The ARP intends to control the population through
    social regulation programs and birth control systems. Our party will create a national statistical commission
    to regulate birth and use this data for development. National headcount will be incorporated into the electoral
    review system of the country. Birth and death will be reviewed by the commission in relation to government
    implementation of its social security reforms.
    The world is now a global society due to information technology and Nigeria’s foreign relations are based on
    parasitic tendencies therefore, we are always prone to external influence on our home front and this weakens
    our economic defence and relationship with foreign investors. Our government will use global report index to
    adjudicate our country foreign investment and relationship. Our sovereignty will be put first in doing business
    at all times.
    The ARP when elected into power will sponsor a one million annual youths’ empowerment foreign educational
    exposure program, which will enhance the National capacity of the citizenry towards global experience in
    development. The program will be tailored towards technological transfer and import of the best practices in
    global governance and development with automatic employment on their return to the country.
    The foreign aids or grants given in the past is structured towards financial enslavement, this is because most
    of the funds indirectly find their way back to the lender nations as contained in the agreement signed by the
    parties involved. Our reforms will create an avenue to seek help when necessary to encourage transformation
    of the various sectors in Nigeria, thereby promoting national development. We will frown at conditional grants
    or aids which will put us at a disadvantage point from international lenders and foreign countries.
    Our membership of any union will be based on merit and mutual respect for African liberation and democratic
    structure. We shall not take part in any world organization decisions that might affect our country or the
    continent at large. Our party will collaborate with other African nations to achieve collective inclusion and
    involvement, thus, we will be strengthening ties with nations and international unions to improve trade and
    investment for the mutual benefit our countries.
    Our party, when in government, will partner with international organizations on developing a comprehensive
    private partnership initiative which will seek to bring about internationally accepted practices in governance
    and development to Nigeria. This will be our promise to Nigerians when elected to lead the nation. And we
    will also make sure we strike a good relationship with countries who give mutual respect to Nigerians in their
    home country.
    To encourage and fast track global participation in our national development, our government will
    institutionalize free trade zone initiatives in all of our coastal regions and also employ trade by barters to
    maximize the potential of our natural resources. Selling crudes and depositing the revenue in an external
    reserve in a country of infrastructural deficit is not logical and economically viable now. Our government will
    take inventory of our product importation and strike barter deal for such products. Methodology of the
    business deal in commercial exchange will be strictly monitored, as part of our reforms.
    The free trade corridors of our import and export will be in line with the basic needs of the Nigerian national
    government to stimulate trade surplus and bridge the corrupt practices in play by the Nigerian customs. Our
    importation and exportation will be based on trade and barters to abate loss or devaluation. Customs reforms
    will be mapped out such that the region will be charged with overseeing dutiable products, while the federal
    government will oversee imports and exports so as to block leakages of government revenues through corrupt
    Goods and duty will be subjected to online payment and transactions, while the regulation agency duty is to
    validate the release of products.
    Our party reforms will promote partnership with Nigerians in diaspora, reviewing requirements for dual
    citizenship or external marriage of our nationals. The federal government will give special treatment to
    patriots and service members of Nigerian descent who have excelled in their chosen fields or have contributed
    meaningfully to the enhancement of human lives. Such class of distinguished individuals will be nationally
    recognised and given national awards. Our reforms will give the national government the power to preside
    over citizens’ right of abode.
    This is a major objective in our party’s manifesto, towards the technological empowerment of citizens (to
    embark on an exchange programs for the country). At the national level, the government will sponsor
    exchange programs between our citizens and citizens of technologically advanced nations. (This is aimed at
    the technological development of Nigeria). Civil society groups, practitioners and organizations will also have
    the opportunity to build capacity under such programs (enabling them to adequately carry out their oversight
    duties to the nation).

Amb. D. Umar. (Secretary)
Amb.M. Okunola (Chairman)
9th November, 2020.